Tecno Aviary Systems for Pullet Rearing


 Train Your Pullets for Success

Prepare your birds to thrive from their first day. Providing them with the Ideal system ensures that they are comfortable with their environment and prepared to take the next step. Tecno systems are built strong to provide solid performance, giving you complete control to simplify the whole operation.


Tecno Ideal AS 227-191

Rearing System

The perfect aviary for growing chicks. The system allows the chicks to help develop their movement from the first few days. In the Ideal AS 227 rearing models, the chicks quickly learn to jump and move from space to space, allowing natural navigation throughout the aviary systems. Thanks to the generous height and the large size of the system, the chicks can jump from perch to perch. The automated  doors open and close, thus reducing the manure deposited on the corridors and allowing better cleaning management.


For Growing Chicks From Day 1 to 120

    •  Feeders with anti-waste profile
    •  Mobile perch (used for inspection)
    •  Automatic door
    •  Watering line
    •  Led lighting


The Ideal FAS Aviary Rearing Allows Chicks to have a Natural Passage in Aviary Systems

The Ideal FAS system, allows the group to be opened and closed during the vaccination period. In addition, the system can be easily maintained for cleaning and functionality. Ideal Fas can be equipped with an inspection trolley to allow for better control during breeding acrross all levels.




For the Natural Transition into Combined Systems

  • Feeders incl anti-waste profile
  •  Mobile perch (used for inspection)
  •  Automatic / manual door
  •  Watering line
  •  Led Lighting