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Through innovative technology, we deliver you the perfect solution for your poultry farm, improving:


Welfare – Growth – Profitability – Vision

We believe that every Poultry Farm Business is different and that no one size fits all, at PW Maines our vision is to optimise your business operations by creating innovative equipment solutions for your Broiler, Broiler Breeder, Layer Breeder or Layer production units using the latest technology.

We have over 40 years of experience in creating proven solutions to meet the individual needs of your Production and its specific environment.


As certified distributors of expert brands, we can provide the right products for the perfect solution. We specialise within the Poultry sector, creating proven  solutions for your broiler, broiler breeder, layer breeder and layer production using the latest technology. We ensure efficiency for all barn management, focusing on aviary housing, ventilation, climate, control, feed and water control, lighting, egg counting and animal weighing. Whether it’s a simple upgrade of full turnkey project, PW Maines has the solution for you!

At PW Maines we:

  • Bring you forward thinking solutions that offer the best outcome for you and your business
  • Work closely with global leading suppliers to supply you with quality assured products
  • Focus on high welfare and optimal performance
  • Value our customers and continue to nurture our relationships
  • Embrace technology for improved performance and growth


Springfield House Farm

Since 2010 we have been walking the talk, we built our own free-range egg production unit in the North West of England using the latest technology solution.

Since then we have continued to keep our technology and equipment current and our business continues to grow and prosper.

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