Dynamic Lighting

Once by Signify, offer the best-in-class lighting solutions, with scientifically proven light recipes that mimic the quality and dynamic patterns of natural daylight. PW Maines recognise the need to install the Once lighting advanced recipes, into your poultry housing to give you the optimal results.

Light Recipes – The Scientific Way


Light recipes captures all the elements of lighting that benefits animals. They are the results of many researches and field experiences. Our light recipes stimulate bird activity in a controlled way, giving you optimal control over your production results.

Nature Dynamics

Adjust the spectrum and intensity throughout the day and throughout the production cycle with our dedicated light recipes. The result: improved welfare and stronger, healthier chickens.


Lighting for Broilers 

Based on the latest LED technology, Once have created lighting receipes for broilers, minimising  stress and focussing on healthy growth. Creating the right environment with optimal lighting, maximises your production. From basic white light to connected dynamic lighting systems, Once provide the right lighting solution to grow strong and uniform broilers with reduced stress and controlled movement – resulting in fewer muscle abnormalities and improved bone strength.

Lighting for Layers 

Lighting plays an important role in developing the laying hens’ reproductive system. ONCE light recipes create the unique opportunity to adjust lighting spectrum and intensity for optimized conditions in every stage of egg production. Multiple research has shown that egg production can be maximized by using enhanced red lighting. This stimulates the production of neuropeptides in the hypothalamus, which is known to regulate reproduction in laying hens. Dimming to red in the evening will also increase the circadian experience of the laying hen, which will reduce stress.

Lighting for Pullets

Once provide light recipes, based on the latest LED technology and scientific research, ensure less stress and are more active pullets. The solutions allow you to grow strong, uniformed hens that are ready to start production. The lighting stimulates the desired activity while reducing stress and feather pecking. From basic white light to connected dynamic lighting systems. You get optimal early-stage growth and prepare strong, healthy chickens for the layer stage.


The new standard in animal lighting

DOME luminaires are the new standard in animal lighting technology. The wide beam angle ensures high uniformity in light distribution, making DOME an excellent choice for a variety of farming applications. The luminaires are 100% dimmable and flicker-free when used in combination with our EPU-1500 dimmer controller. With its robust design, DOME luminaires withstand the harsh conditions of barn environments and provide excellent lighting for animal farm.




  • Excellent light distribution for animal farm
  • Dimmable, adjustable, flicker-free lighting
  • Robust IP66 protection for harsh barn environments
  • 50,000 hours of cost-efficient lighting

NatureDynamics DOME

Dynamic lighting for the barn

NatureDynamics DOME provides a dynamic lighting system to create the best lighting conditions for animals. NatureDynamics DOME lighting is fully controllable, you can adjust the spectrum and intensity. Multiple features such as scene-setting and recipe planning can be deployed with the touch of an app. With their robust design, NatureDynamics DOME luminaires are made to withstand the harsh conditions of barn environments.



  • Fully adaptable dynamic lighting system
  • Excellent light distribution for animal farm
  • Robust IP66 protection for harsh barn  environments
  • 50,000 hours of cost-efficient lighting


    Tube light for general lighting 

    TULEX HO (high output) is a 48V tube light that provides excellent general lighting in barns. With its extremely wide beam angle, it ensures good light distribution. TULEX lighting is easy to install thanks to its plug-and-play connectors



    • Excellent light distribution for animal farm
    • IP69 protection rating
    • Long rated lifetime of 50,000 hours
    • Plug-and-play installation