Aviary Management Systems

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Automatic Flushing

PW Maines have partnered with Lubing, who can offer many years of experience in optimised poultry equipment. From cleaning units, egg collection and drinking systems, Lubing products offer you the ultimate solutions.

Lubing Ultra Flush

With UltraFlush, we use the proven ultrasonic technology (already used in cleaning units for conveyor chains). In the area of Drinking-Systems, an ultrasonic transducer is inserted into the drinking water line by means of a T-piece or, in the case of a feed tank, glued to the outside of the tank. Connected to a controller, the system is immediately ready for use.

UltraFlush removes particles so effectively that it should only be introduced in combination with a flushing system and only in a new installation: without a flushing system or in existing systems, there is a risk of causing blockages and damage to components due to the dissolved deposits.

With the automatic flushing-system your drinking system is flushed by itself. With the LUBING Touch Control LCW you can flush up to 10 drinking lines separately. This system can be easily retrofitted into existing drinking systems.


Curve conveyor

NEW! Intermediate Drive 2.0

Intermediate Drive 2.0

Due to an optimized guidance of the chain links, a larger chain wrap could be achieved. As a result, the LUBING Intermediate Drive 2.0 ensures an even smoother operation of the conveyor chain.

Conversion from upper conveyor chain engagement to lower conveyor chain engagement is accomplished by a simple 180° rotation of the drive with some minor conversions.

For the installation of the Intermediate Drive 2.0 in an ascending or descending section, the drive shaft can be shifted from the standard engagement in the large deflection to the side with the small deflection.

The central pressure piece can be easily adapted to all chain types with a mechanical height adjustment. This allows this version to be used even more variably.

• Maximum operational safety and minimum maintenance

• A unit construction system with elements designed to cope with any imaginable spot requirements, all kinds of curves, heights and distances

• Conveyor chain widths of between 200 and 750 mm (8 in. – 30 in.)

• Capacities ranging from 15.000 up to 65.000 eggs per hour at a conveying speed of 7 m/min

• Optimum rentability


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