Visit to Tecno – Providers of Smart Poultry Farming Solutions

by | Jun 16, 2023

We have really enjoyed our recent trip in Italy to visit Tecno Poultry Equipment spa. It was great to see the equipment in production and meet with our Italian partners.

We are in our first year of partnership with Tecno and it’s great that we have based our collaboration on a united goal – To provide the UK Customer with the very best equipment solution in order to get the highest quality of egg without compromising on welfare. PW Maines and Tecno both share the same vision, that “a one size fits all,” approach is not the solution. Together, we can advise and supply a bespoke system that is unique to every business operational requirement

We believe Tecno have fully considered the demands of the UK egg market and are listening to what is needed. Their systems are focused on bird free movement, which the UK are in full support of. We know that hens can make choices, so it is important that their environment can allow for this in accordance with welfare definitions. We have confidence knowing that Tecno provide Poultry Aviary Systems give your hens all the freedom they need and have the birds’ welfare as paramount.

Together, we combine decades of knowledge to truly understand where you want to go and the right innovations to help you get there.