Tecno Aviary Systems for Layers

For an Ever-Changing Business

Evolving standards mean more complexity. Tecno help you navigate the daily challenges. It’s one thing you can count on to never change – The better we understand what you’re facing, the better system we can create for you.


Tecno AS 580

High level of productivity for your farm

The AS 580 aviary systems are recommended by the main distributors. In this system, the layer hen is given more freedom in movement. This benefit is one of the main strengths of the AS systems by improving the well-being of the poultry which in turn guarantees a higher level of productivity.




  •  Removable and self-cleaning Astroturf on nests
  •  Stainless steel cover for egg belt

  •  Feeders with anti-waste profile
  •  Mobile perch (can be used for inspection)
  •  Automatic / manual door
  •  Watering line
  •  Stainless steel egg protection profile
  •  Led lighting (optional)

Tecno AS 250-310

Central egg belt system with increased capacity

The aviaries for layers models AS 250-310 (also available as a side belt system) are recommended and appreciated by the main distributors. This system allows the layers to have maximum freedom of movement. This aspect is paramount for the life of the bird, helping to increase their welfare, ensuring a high level of productivity. The AS 250-310 models have a nest closing mechanism to reduce the number of broken or dirty eggs. Additionally, the configurable system allows you to add feed trough and perches if needed, based on the shed size. 


  •  Wider system gives more useable area to allow more birds per house
  •  Developed to guarantee freedom of movement
  •  Less mortality, less sickness and more productivity
  •  High levels of production
  •  Clean nests and eggs due to automatic opening and closing system
  •  Customizable adding feed troughs and perches
  •  High quality components with superior protection
  •  Easy inspection

    Tecno AS Loggia

    Combining innovation and proven design in a highly customizable solution

    The neatly multi-level design allows for the ideal positioning of raised levels, nest, feeders, perches and drinkers. It aids a symmetrical structure incorporating offset living areas. This provides a natural easy route for the birds to rest, eat, drink and lay. The system ensures an even distribution of birds because of the ease ofmovement, reducing the risk of stress and smothering. The Loggia concept includes integrated feeders, perches, drinkers, lighting, nests, egg collection and manure removal. All of these are configured to provide a tailored solution for your poultry business. 



      •  Compact design to maximize the number of birds in the barn 
      •  Open system designed to have an optimal movement of birds
      •  Easy inspection for the whole system 
      •  Nest with perforated astroturf mats and moving floor, for cleaner eggs
      •  Egg belt cover countable as usable surface
      •  Increased egg belt width to improve egg transport and reduce damage
      •  Designed with the operator in mind
      •  Quality materials with high corrosion resistance

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