Superior Poultry Lighting

As a leading global provider of agricultural lighting, Sunbird continue to undertake ongoing research and development, ensuring that they provide the best possible lighting solutions. PW Maines along with Sunbird, focus on what’s best for the customers in terms of animal performance, product efficiency, product lifespan and product functionality.


Lighting for a Healthier Environment 

Light recipes captures all the elements of lighting that benefits animals. They are the results of many researches and field experiences. Sunbird light recipes stimulate bird activity in a controlled way, giving you optimal control over your production results. SUNBIRD® LED lighting is a unique, durable and long-lasting solution for various agricultural applications.

The SUNBIRD® luminaire offers an industry leading IP69K waterproof rating. This means that you can high pressure wash your lights with no risk of water ingress. The SUNBIRD® luminaire also offer the longest lifespan of any agricultural lighting product. With over 100 000 hours it is more than double the life of our nearest competitors. This long lifespan, along with our high efficiency gives SUNBIRD® the lowest total cost of ownership.



Layers, Breeders and Rearing

Light controls the day and night rhythms, egg production and behaviour of breeders and layers. But often, unique settings present farmers with less than adequate lighting. Dark spots and shadows are common when using traditional nesting boxes, while hard to manage light intensities are inherent with central type nesting boxes.

Rearing is an important phase in the development of breeders and layers. During rearing, growth and sexual development of the hens are optimized by good management practices and housing conditions.

Sunbird’s lighting system handles challenges both by proving uniform light distribution in traditional nesting box layouts and by offering lighting intensities that diminish towards the nest in central type nest houses thereby luring birds into the nests and reducing floor eggs.



Broiler Health

Optimal photoperiod, wavelength, intensity, and distribution of light are essential for stimulating activity and feed. Together, the perfect application of these elements influence the uniformity of birds and contribute to even litters along with reduced health and welfare problems.