For a Complete Climate solution

Scan-Air has got the ideal products to perfectly control the climate in your poultry barn.


PW Maines have partnered with Scan-Air, to deliver you expert knowledge and innovative quality products. Whether you have broilers, layers, rearing, or breeders, Scan-Air creates your fresh air! With expertise, Scan-Air calculate the needed ventilation, daylight and pop-hole systems. With the design of the climate, they check the right air throw, possible obstacles, and a uniform air dividing. That is the basis for an optimal barn climate!

Pop-Hole Door KU

A good pop-hole door is an important part of keeping the climate in your house optimal. If there are draft holes in the opening areas, there will be repercussions on the rest of the climate in the house. With the Scan-Air pop-hole door you have the right product to control the outlet openings in your house without any problems.

Benefits of Pop-Hole Door KU

  • Solid air tight closure
  • Integrated wall frame
  • Insulated slide
  • Self-closing


      Blackout Roof Window

      Daylight entry into your house is necessary to meet today’s welfare requirements. Depending on the applicable regulations, 3-5% of the house surface may be required for daylighting. With the black out roof window of Scan-Air you have the right roof window in your hands to perfectly regulate the daylight entry into your house.