Heaters, Air Exchangers and Ventilation

PW Maines work in partnership with Plettenburg, knowing their expertise and commitment to offering you the right solution is the trusted one. For years now, Plettenburg Manure has developed and applied Heat Exchangers and Air mixers in poultry sheds, that supports the production of rearing, laying hens, broiler and parents.  The Heat Exchangers optimise the shed climate. Furthermore, manure can be dried to a higher extent, resulting in lower ammonia emissions. By means of the Heat Exchangers, optimal shed ventilation can be arranged, saving energy costs. 

Heat Exchangers

Plettenburg’s range Heat Exchangers makes it possible to offer you a specific optimal solution in every situation. Without doing any qualitative concessions, the Plettenburg Heat Exchangers are equipped with a sufficient heat exchanging surface that corresponds to the Heat Exchanger capacity. This is important to be able to reach the optimal return on manure drying, house climate and energy costs savings.  Furthermore, it is possible to install one Heat Exchanger in every house, or to choose for one Heat Exchanger to operate two houses.

  • Capacities between 8.500m3/h and 72.000m3/h per heat exchanger;
  • Only customised optimal solutions;
  • High returns up to 85%;
  • Use of sustainable materials, minimal maintenance required;
  • Suitable for both existing and new barns;
  • Suitable for broiler, layer, rearing and parentshed;
  • Reduction of finedust, ammoniac and smell emissions;
  • Optimal shed climate by bringing fresh conditioned outside air directly to the birds;
  • The fresh conditioned outside air can be used for minimal shed ventilation;
  • The injected air contains lower airhumidity, leading to a maximum drying capacity;
  • Cost savings on heating/fuel in broiler and pullet barns up to 75%.

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