Feed and Water Control


With Hotraco Agri’s automatic feed and water control system, you can be sure your animals are getting the right amount of feed and that you gain insight into feed consumption and feed costs. This system also helps you improve feed conversion and gives you a better indication of the health of your animals.


Feed registration with Silo Weighing

Automatic feed control and daily insight into feed consumption is made possible by Hotraco Agri’s silo weighing system. The system automatically sends the right amount of feed from the silo to the hoppers in the house. The amount of feed is determined based on the number of grams per animal per day. To accurately determine the amount of feed in the silo, we use weighing cells under the silo. This gives you insight into the daily feed consumption, and you know when you need to order feed again.

Feed Registration with Electronic Feed Weigher

Before the feed goes into the barn, it is first sent from the silo to an electronic feed weigher. This is the most accurate method of feed control. It is also the perfect solution if you want to mix several types of feed. The feed weigher weighs the portions precisely and maintains the correct mixing ratio of several types of feed.

Hopper Feeding for Breeders

Do you want to keep your animals in optimum condition, to achieve the maximum number of hatching eggs and a high fertilisation rate? You can, with Hotraco Agri’s hopper feeding control. It was specially developed for breeders and pullets. With this control, you can do more than just ration the feed; the system can also control the amount of feed and feed composition for cocks and hens separately.

Automatic Feed Control for every Feeding System

With Hotraco’s automatic feed control system it does not matter which feeding system you use in the barn: feed chains, feed pans or a spin feeder that spreads the feed over the litter. The choice is yours!

Lift Control of Feed and Drink Lines

Do you want to improve the uniformity of the flock? Then it is important that all the animals in the barn eat about the same amount. Hotraco Agri has developed a lift control with this in mind that raises and lowers the feed lines. The feed lines are filled in the raised position and are then all lowered again at the same time. This ensures that all the animals can start eating at the same time. The position of the feed and drink lines can also be adjusted to the age of the animals.

Water Monitoring

Drinking water is just as important for your animals as feed. With our automation system, you can keep a close eye on the water consumption and you are warned about any deviations.