Animal Weighing

 As a poultry farmer, it is important for you to be able to monitor your animals’ growth closely. Hotraco Agri’s animal weighing solutions show you the average weight, uniformity and distribution among the animals in the flock. This gives you a continuously up-to-date picture of how the weight development is progressing. It can also provide a good indication of the health of your animals.

Weighing solution for broilers

With Hotraco’s animal weighing solution, you get insight into the growth performance of your broilers so you know when they have reached the optimum weight. You can also use this system to monitor animals that are on a restricted diet or special feeding schedule. Deviations become visible quickly, so you can take timely action and improve the results.

Benefits of automatic animal weighing 

  • Insight into daily growth of body weight
  • Indication of bird health
  • Uniformity of the flock
  • Optimal planning for processing

Animal weighing scales for various situations 

PW Maines provide Hotraco animal weighing scales for all types of poultry and differing types of housing systems. The principle behind Hotraco’s animal weighing solution is disparate weighing, which is distinguished by the scale. This enables the systems to accurately determine the average weight of the animals. 


    For broilers and breeders in free range housing


    The DWS-4-ZW is a weighing platform for broiler chicks and breeders that range freely throughout the poultry house and can be used in various housing facilities and free range systems. The DWS-4-ZW is also suitable for hens and roosters and can weigh animals up to 12 kg.


    For layers in aviaries 


    The DWS-5-ZW is a weighing system with a perch for layers that can be used in aviaries (small-scale or otherwise) which can be suspended as desired throughout the barn. The perch is a 1” stave (33.7 mm in diameter and 460 mm in length) and can be adjusted in height.


    For broilers and pullets  



    The DWS-6-ZW is a weighing system with a platform for aviaries (small-scale or otherwise). The DSW- 6-ZW can also be used in broiler houses. The roosting platform is 231 x 302 mm and is meant to be suspended in the system.