At PW Maines, we understand the importance of monitoring every part of the operation 24/7. That’s why we ensure you have the right systems that allows you to give maximum quality to your production, in return for high welfare and output from your flock.


 Poultry Automation Ensures Optimum Farming Conditions

For you, as a poultry farmer, it is of crucial importance to achieve the proper housing conditions for your animals. It allows them to grow better and perform optimally. The key to attaining the best possible control of your production process is automating and monitoring your barn processes enabling round the clock insight into the current situation in all your barns, allowing you to focus on an optimum living environment for your animals.

How to influence your chickens’ behavior by controlling feed, water, lighting and nests

If you want to maximize laying performance in cage-free houses you need to influence the daily routines of layers. Control systems, such as our Fortica® system, enable you as an egg producer to train your layers through smart feeding, watering and lighting regimes. With the Fortica® system, you can control nests and feed chains in multiple groups. This is particularly useful for sending the layers to the right floor and getting them back into the systems on time in cage-free houses.

Discover the advantages of poultry automation

  • Optimum barn conditions
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Excellent animal health
  • Greater returns and more profit
  • Better animal performance
  • Ease of use

Complete Poultry Automation

Hotraco Agri offers complete poultry automation systems that regulate, control and monitor all your barn processes. These poultry automation systems are suitable for all types of housing for broilers, layers, breeders and pullets and can be remotely controlled via computer, tablet or smartphone.