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Agricultural Heaters and Fans


Whether it be gas, propane, direct or indirect fired heaters, PW Maines can recommend the ideal climate system. Cost effective heating and low level emissions are always considered in agricultural heating. PW Maines have partnered with Holland Heater, global players in the field, to bring you your ideal climate solution.


HB Series, Durable and Efficient Heaters

The HHB gas/propane heater has become synonymous with quality in the world of heating . This direct-fired heater with open combustion enables heating as well as dosing CO2. This heater has proven itself thanks to its continuous development. This high-quality and very efficient air heater combines over 40 years’ expertise and experience. And not unimportant for you as a business, it’s also very good value in terms of its price to performance ratio.

Agricultural Climate Solutions

There’s more to heating a shed than just installing heaters. Holland Heater are experts in producing cost-efficient heating, ventilation, and recirculation in poultry sheds.

The ultimate aim is to achieve an optimum climate in the shed to benefit the animals’ well-being and prevent illness. Ventilation and heating are important factors that ensure the right temperature and air humidity in the shed.


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