Lighting  Matters!

PW Maines recognise Hato’s knowledge and decades of experience of agricultaral lighting, including specialist lighting solutions for broilers, laying hens, parent stock and rearing. More importanlty their extensive amounts of research which have convinced us of the fact that the lighting equipment is an essential part of the overall equipment in a poultry house. 

Poultry well-being

Poultry perceive light differently than human beings. When lighting looks just fine for human beings, it can be far from that for poultry. Poultry are able to pick out the different colour spectrums because of their superior eyesight, so it is integral that the light climate should be adapted accordingly.  A light climate that fulfils the needs of poultry improves poultry sight. By improving poultry sight, welfare and eventually performances can be improved. A well-designed lighting scheme has been proven to enhance performance simply by minimising stress, and LED offers tremendous flexibility, in terms of both colour spectrum and dimmability, to achieve the optimum result. 


For farmers, good poultry lighting can

  • Reduce workload
  • Lower replacement costs
  • Prevent down-time
  • Save energy costs
  • Help contribute to a better environment



Improving life through brightness

The ARA is a 230V LED retrofit lighting solution that meets the high quality standards that we live for at HATO. It’s an excellent choice to  change a traditionally E27 lighted poultry house into a future-proof LED lighted house.

It’s here to improve both animal’s and farmer’s life.


The ARA is a high quality LED retrofit lighting solution with a strong focus on both animal and farmer well-being.

Animal well-being

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves vision
  • Higher health and performances

Farmer well-being

  • Cost efficient
  • Reliable for years
  • Improves overall company results

Improving life through brightness

With the pre-wired CORAX we prepare almost the whole installation of the lamps upfront. This significantly reduces installation time, whilst there is less room for error in realising an optimal light climate.  It’s a win-win!


  • The standard for modern poultry lighting
  • Increased poultry vision, well-being & performances
  • Long, problem-free lifetime (50.000 hours)
  • A responsible investment with high yields on the long run

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