When it comes to housing systems, Tecno can provide innovative state of the art solutions to support rearing and laying hens. Tecno’s advanced technology and accessories, offer choice for every operation to ensure growth, welfare and profitabilty. 

Hotraco Agri provide complete automation solutions, control and monitoring of animal housing processes for the livestock farming sectors. From ventilation and climate control, feed and water control, animal weighing, lighting and egg counting to farm management.

Collinson deliver complete feeding solutions that are high quality, durable and built to last. Collinson silos are complemented by a wide range of conveyors, feeders and weighers for optimal feed management.

Lubing are recognised as market leaders within breeding and livestock farming, offering highly specialised drinking, conveyor and climate solutions. Lubing’s reliable products offer a healthy enviroment for poultry welfare. 

Leading manufacturers of CO2 and hot air equipment, Holland Heater develop and produce a complete range of hot air heaters for heating and ventilating barns offering solutions for the future of farming.

Plettenburg Manure Drying, Air Handling & Ventilation is the utmost specialist regarding manure drying systems and climate control. Plettenburg have developed and applied Heat Exhangers and Airmixers in sheds (mainly poutry) resulting in lower ammonia emmisions and optimal shed ventilation, saving on energy costs.


Hato’s high quality durable lighting makes life way easier. Lighting solutions that are easy to maintain and function under the harsh circumstances in a poultry house resulting in a problem-free lifetime. Energy-efficient lighting makes a significant difference, a welcome side effect of this is that it is beneficial for the environment.

Once lighting offer leading benefits to your farm. When lighting is applied properly, it can greatly improve performance and in turn profitability. By stimulating a natural sunrise and sunset effect, Once lighting can eliminate extreme changes in light, eradicating multiple stress inputs and reducing mortality rates, while improving immune response offering optimal control over your production.

Collinson silos


The SUNBIRD® poultry lighting system is designed to produce the ideal lighting and is essential for breeding, rearing, broilers and layers by providing uniform light coverage with optimum lux levels. Sunbird’s LED poultry lighting allows the uniform distribution of light throughout each structure to help promote healthier broiler production.


Scan-Air us the leading manufacturer of ventilation, daylight and pop-hole systems.  production. Scan-Air offer complete climate solutions, consisting of hygienic products with suitable dimensions and ease of assembly, produced from durable material.