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In order to;

  • Grow healthy broiler birds
  • Grow healthy layer pullets or
  • Allow our layering stock to produce to their potentional, (in addition to good feed and water);

We need to provide them with the optimum poultry house climate.

There are 3 important factors that influence a comfortable climate;

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity and
  • Air speed.

You can easily regulate these conditions with the Ventilation Solution. This includes cooling, removal of harmful substances and gases and providing a continuous supply of fresh air and oxygen.

Various ventilation and circulation methods have been developed to this end, depending on production type, poultry house size, the outside climate and the poultry’s stage of life. Together with our suppliers,  you will benefit from our years of experience in creating an optimal poultry climate.

Controls & monitoring

With our knowledge and expertise in the field of controls and monitoring, PW Maines Limited is playing a part in creating a better life for poultry housing and poultry management.

We do this by bringing innovative Control and Monitoring systems from Hotraco-Agri.  Since 2005 we have been working with poultry farmer, to improve housing conditions.   The Control and Monitoring sytems allow the birds to grow better and perform to there optimum.  

The key to attaining the best possible control of your production process is automating and monitoring. With Hotraco-Agri’s poultry computers and automation systems you have a 24/7 insight into all your poultry houses and processes, allowing you to focus on providing  the optimum living environment.


Good lighting is important to fulfilling both the birds and farmer needs. 

For the birds : light controls the day and night rhythms to promote; broiler growth; egg production; and the correct behaviour in breeders and layers flocks.

But often, less than adequate lighting create dark spots and shadows and therefore production inefficiencies. It is important that we understand that birds interpret light differently to us. Poultry can see a broad spectrum of light, as they have wider photoreceptors than humans. They see 12 times better in the blue spectrum and 4 times better in the red spectrum and can even see UV-A light.

For the farmers : It is important to find the right solution for the type of production. In this way, the birds well-being and performances are improved, whilst the farmer’s life is made easier and costs are reduced.

Dynamic lighting systems are an option available from PW Maines Limited and can be a very powerful tool.  This type of light allows you to change the colour within the poultry house to meet you production needs.  You can stimulate ideal hormonal activities and biological patterns, creating physiological and biological results that improve welfare and achieve high farm production results.



By understanding the birds feed usage and monitoring feeding patterns  you; can identify any possible deviations and react accordingly; and look for ways to improve your flocks’ feed conversion?   Understanding your feed usage/consumption data can be an indication of the health of your flock.

PW Maines Limited help poultry farmers automate the best feeding strategy. Through automatic feed control, our systems ensure that the right amount of feed reaches the birds in the poultry house at the right time. This gives you daily insight into feed consumption and feed costs.

The systems we employ are, feed registration using silo weigh systems or  by using electronic batch weighers.

In some circustances we are required to delivery an accurate amount of feed to various feed hoppers or spin feeders located throughout the poultry house.

We partner with Hotraco Agri and Collinson Silos to delivery the most appropriate solution for your needs




By understanding the birds water usage and monitoring water patterns  you; can identify any possible deviations and react accordingly; and look for ways to improve your flocks’ feed and water conversion.  Understanding your water usage/consumption data can be an indication of the health of your flock.

Heat Recovery

The Heat Exchanger allows you to control the climate in your poultry house in all weather conditions as well as controlling those vital heating costs.

The Exchangers that we install are taylor made for your house needs.  They are designed with filters to stay clean and remain an efficient method of controlling your vital minimum ventiation.  

In houses that need heating, the addition of a heater exchanger will reduce your heating costs as we will efficiently transfer heat from the stale outgoing air to the fresh incoming air vital for bird performance.

In houses where heating is not available and a stable temperature is required a Heat Exchanger will help maintain a stable temperature even when outside conditions and cold and challenging.

Heat Exchangers are proven to : 

  • Reduce fine dust particals being exhausted from the poultry house
  • Reduce Ammonia
  • Reduce CO2 emissions in the house
  • Reduced humidity
  • Offer an optimal environment for birds and humans
  • Improved bird performance
  • Easy cleaning


Emissions control

The results of 20 years experience in manure drying systems, our innovative technical developments, market surveys and measurements tests have been integrated in our actual Heat Exchangers. The Heat Exchangers vary in aircapacities between 8.000 m3/h up to 72.000 m3/h. Our range Heat Exchangers makes it possible to offer you a specific optimal solution in every situation. Without doing any qualitative concessions, the Plettenburg Heat Exchangers are equipped with a sufficient heat exchanging surface that corresponds to the Heat Exchanger capacity. This is important to be able to reach the optimal return on manure drying, house climate and energy costs savings


Heat Production

It has been shown that heat stress negatively affects the welfare and productivity of broilers and laying hens. The thermal environment affects chicken differently depending on the stage of growth or production phase.  An additional benefit is the varying temperature gradients allowing the birds to seek their particular comfort zone, with an even distribution of heat.

PW Maines have partnered with Holland Heater to ensure that the right temperature and air humidity in the shed.  Holland Heater doesn’t take any risk and delivers without any exception high quality, reliable and safe products. Due to increasingly stringent environmental requirements, Holland Heater innovates and develops continuously sustainable products and systems to improve the climate and environment inside and outside the house. 

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