Springfield House Farm

In 2008 Andrew developed a business plan for Springfield House Farm in the North West of England, with a proposal for a Free Range Poultry Unit of 16,000 birds. The solar powered venture was successfully launched in 2010, seeing our own free-range egg farm soundly in production. 

Since then we have continued to keep our technology and equipment current and our business continues to grow and prosper.

40,000 Bird Broiler Farm

Plettenburg Heat Exchangers were installed by PW Maines Limited on a 40,000 broiler farm in the North West to achieve the highest efficiency in heat recovery.

Benefits of Plettenburg Heat Exchangers:

  • High returns up to 85%;
  • Use of sustainable materials, minimal maintenance required;
  • Suitable for both existing and new barns;
  • Suitable for broiler, layer, rearing and parentshed;
  • Reduction of finedust, ammoniac and smell emissions;
  • Optimal shed climate by bringing fresh conditioned outside air directly to the birds;
  • The fresh conditioned outside air can be used for minimal shed ventilation;
  • The injected air contains lower airhumidity, leading to a maximum drying capacity;
  • Cost savings on heating/fuel in broiler and pullet barns up to 75%.

North West Broiler Farm

Midlands Free Range Site

Inside the Egg Room

A snap shot of our installation inside a Midlands Free Range site’s Egg Room.

To allow full automation across all the house processes, we installed the Fortica from Hotraco. This all-in-one system is suitable for all types of broilers, layers, breeders and pullets. It regulates, controls and monitors all your house processes, such as climate, feed, water, lighting, animal weighing and egg counting. The full touchscreen operation makes this system extremely user friendly and clear. The Fortica® system can also be linked to a remote app and an innovative Farm Management program. This system is is complemented by the Lubing Egg Conveyor which was engineered and custom designed to offer the best possible performance. A modular and reliable design that only Lubing can offer. Every part of the egg process can now be automated.


North East Broiler Farm

A back up oil heater was installed in a 50,000 broiler farm situated in the North West. The same installation was carried on a second shed on the same site. We chose to install the HHO oil heater from Holland Heater due to its reliability, efficiency and high-quality.

A perfect addition to the broiler site, the sheds now have:

  • Optimal air throughput with a throw of over 40 meters
  • Protection against overheating using maximum thermostat
  • Connectivity to the climate computer 
  • Significant saving on energy costs as all heat produced is fully utilized to heat the shed. 

Broiler Farm North East

Scan-Air Installation – Climate Solution

Members of the PW Maines team attended a site in Wales to make final adjustments, along with smoke testing, to newly fitted inlets and light baffles. Hotraco Fortica controls were updated and reconfigured, with cascade operation of the Scan-Air Uniflex inlets. Nice tidy installation by Powell &Co and electrical wiring by HIJ Electrical Contractors

    Site upgrade in Wales 

    Smoke testing in Staffordshire

    Smoke, smoke and more smoke… the best way to find out what exactly the air in your shed is doing.

    A good day smoke testing in Staffordshire for the PWMaines team. Client was having issues with balancing inlets and air flow. A few tweeks later and making good use of the “cascade” function on the #Hotraco controls the results look good. A nice example of air returning back towards the walls either side of centre. Perfect airflow!

      Smoke Testing