Discover Antares

by | Oct 3, 2023

Compact controller that unleashes your farm’s potential

Antares is Hotraco’s newest 7” compact farm controller. With its broad package of functionalities, remote control, extensive connectivity and big data features, Antares represents the most solid foundation for the future of farm management, automating and optimizing all crucial farm processes. Discover the benefits of automation for your farm. Reduce costs, save labour, eliminate human errors, and boost profits as you enhance the lives of your animals.

User-friendly and customizable

Antares is designed for ease, bringing all the functions you want, customized for your specific poultry house. As you navigate your farm on the screen, it displays only the most relevant information at that moment. See your operations come alive and manage them effortlessly with our customizable, user-friendly interface.

Through photos of your own farm, Antares visualizes the live conditions in your farm. See what’s happening 24/7 and react fast on changing conditions. With Antares’ super-fast 7’’ touchscreen, you’re never too late again.

Remote control and connectivity

Antares is a platform that communicates easily with your mobile devices running iOS and Android. And it can also sync to PC Farm Management software. With Antares, you get instant notifications and control – no matter where you are, you’re always informed and in command. Enjoy the convenience of remote control from your phone.

PW Maines are proud partners with Hotraco Agri. Please contact us to discover more about the Antares.